Why Choose Alpha-Numero

Alpha-Numero has unparalleled expertise and experience in providing custom solutions to a wide array of industries.We have over 20 years of experience in solving complex problems in aerospace and other verticals like retail, consumer electronics and healthcare.

  • Experience
  • Expertise
  • Team
  • Compliance
  • Certification Support
  • Case Study

Our deep expertise and understanding of System Architecture helps identify the potential project and technology risks, and deliver efficient customer facing results.

We excel at Project and Program Management with the ability to manage very large scale programs involving multi-disciplined teams and multi-sites

Our Team comprises of US Citizens / Permanent Residents and Offsite Development Centers in India with over 2 decades of successful delivery in System / Hardware / ASIC / FPGA / Embedded Software Design, V & V and more.

In avionics specifically, we have market leading experience with FAA/EASA Certification Audits for Safety Critical Applications, working with some of the world's largest companies

We are also well versed in the latest certification regulations for COTS IPs and critical flight control system applications involving complex DSP, advanced verification methodologies such as SV-UVM and Matlab/Simulink Flow Integration.

System and Safety Engineering

  Hardware Engineering

  ASIC/FPGA Design, Development

  Embedded Software Development

  IT Strategy and Consulting

  IT Software Development

  System / Hardware / ASIC / FPGA / Software V & V

  Medical and Healthcare



  Product Engineering

  IOT & Cloud

  Seasoned Aerospace Engineers with over 2 decades of experience in System/Safety Engineering of Primary Flight Controls and Display Systems

  Embedded Software Design (Aerospace and Consumer Electronics)

  DO-178B/C Experts, Model Based Development, DAL A Software

  Leading knowledge of Matlab/Simulink based Embedded/FPGA Design

  Level A SW, CEH V & V, and SH-3 for Safety Critical Domains. Team with proven expertise in Certification of Matlab/Simulink flow with SV-UVM Flow

  High Speed Board Design, Layout, and DO-160

  System Level Test Benches/Test Jig Development and Integration Testing Complex ASIC/FPGA Design and V & V

System Development and Safety Assessment, FDAL and IDAL

  System Requirements Capture, V & V

  Planning through Product Transition

  All Phases of Design, Development, and V & V

  Security & HIPPA Compliance

  • FAA/EASA Certification Support

  • Certification Documentation for DO-254 and DO-178B/C

    Quality Standards/Checklists compliant to ARP4754A/DO-254/DO-178B/C Standards

    Proven Expertise in FAA SOI Audit Support

    SH-2/SH-3 Compliance for Safety Critical Applications
    V & V to support Complex DSP Applications with expertise in certifying Matlab/Simulink for CEH and Embedded Software

    DO-254 DAL A CEH V & V for 8 FPGAs, Matlab/Simulink, SV-UVM, SH-2/SH-3 Compliance - Electronics Box part of Flight Controls and FBW

    FPGA Based IMU Sensor Unit - Board/FPGA Requirements Capture, Development, and V & V (Matlab/Simulink, SV-UVM, SOI-2, SOI-3, and SOI-4 Certification Audit Support

    Complete Certification Responsibility for Display Unit

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