We excel in the provision of Hardware Board Design Life Cycle. ASICS-FPGA-SOC Design lifecycle management is the core of our services offerings.

Hardware Engineering

As per Moors Law, the components on ICs continue to increase at an exponential rate, resulting in high-performance, more economically efficient, hardware . This is why using an optimal combination of customized hardware is critical for any company who wants to build their product around semiconductor technology. We work with most major industries including Aerospace & Defense, Consumer Electronics, Medical Devices, Telecommunications, Automotive, Manufacturing, to name a few. We provide support in Feasibility Checks, Schematic design, PCB Design & Simulation, as well as Test & Validation.

Embedded System Design

Almost every 21st century device has some memory and processing power, or embedded system, inbuilt. To successfuly procure such products, customers turn to Alpha-Numero who have experience and knowledge in embedded hardware design, firmware & application development, testing and validation.

Embedded Software & Firmware Development

Embedded Software is the lifeblood running through any embedded system. We at Alpha-Numero have the expertise and proven track record to design the most complex applications, along with other areas such as power consumption, system timing, user-safety and device safety.

Test and Validation

Alpha-Numero prides itself on prompt and thorough system testing in order to overcome failures or delays at later stages of the design lifecycle, resulting in savings for our valued customers. We can execute these tests at any stage of dthe esign lifecycle. This includes system stress tests, pre-scan (EMI-EMC) tests, hardware validation tests, integration tests, functional tests, and unit tests.

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