Retail & E-Commerce

We provide services across Online, In Store, Supply chain and Logistics segments. Our services are custom made as per your requirements. We develop e-commerce platform strategies across sectors. Pluggable modular/layered architecture allows for smooth and quick functionality, allowing you to focus on your product range. This pluggable modularized architecture makes it easy to create and manage your websites easily.

Digital Transformation
We help retailers to expand their footprints from the physical world to digital world. Transforming their brand and service in order to connect to a wider audience across both 'bricks and clicks'

Omnichannel Retailing
The days of selling only through stores are long gone. In a world where people have less time and a need for instant experiences, ominchannel is a neccesity. We support our partner retailers to seamlessly sell their products across channels.

Warehouse and Inventory Management
Never run out of stock when your customers are adding to cart. Through our solutions, our retailer partners can easily monitor, track and maintain their inventory.

Delivery Planning and optimization
Through mobile location based analytics driven systems, we help track when the order is being delivered to your customer.

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