ANTS Analytics Delivery Model

ANTS deploys adaptive factory processes for Analytics solutions development. Our team of skilled professionals across diverse industry domains engage at the early stage of development life cycles, focussing on: envisaging insight requirements, assessing data capabilities , designing intelligence foundations, building business and technology prototypes, developing custom solutions, testing and probing live insight delivery, rolling out and facilitating enterprise adoption. ANTS helps globally renowned clients to operate using Agile methods of Insight adoption by deploying it's pre-cast methodologies across Analytics Advisory , Assessment Profile framework, KPI foundation , Reference Architectures and COE governance models.

Our Process and Engineering development lifecycle brings the following distinct added value in Enterprise Analytics Development:

Early Adoption of Enterprise Analytics Adoption
Pervasive Intelligence Framework
Shorter Cycle Time to reap Analytics Value
Industry Experience and KPI Semantics
Self Sustained scalability Development Capabilities

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